If you have an issue with double variations in Gastro (1.0.32) or Fabrique (1.0.16) latest version, please check your wp-content > gastro > woocommerce > single-product folder and remove "add-to-cart" folder.

Update theme via FTP replacing old theme folder with new theme folder won't remove the file we removed in the theme from our last update, you have to manually remove it.


v1.0.37 (2018 July 18th)

- Fixed error of product image in case no image uploaded
- Fixed error of reservation form in case change time format of the site to 24hr.

v1.0.36 (2018 July 4th)

- Improved single product page gallery
- Added option single product gallery thumbnail image ratio

v1.0.35 (2018 June 7th)

- Improved youtube video in background and element to “nocookie” embed
- Improved “post”, “product” and “gallery” element expansion in “accordion” element
- Fixed blurred image modal when page is in slide mode
- Fixed product description translation
- Supported WordPress comment GDPR

v1.0.33 (2018 May 24th)

- Updated WooCommerce outdated templates
- Updated Revslider Plugin version

v1.0.32 (2018 May 17th)

- Updated Revslider plugin version
- Improve product attribute stability
- Deleted file single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php

v1.0.31 (2018 May 14th)

- Added deep link support "select"
- Fixed filter issue with product element in case category name is hyphen
- Fixed variable product error with variation contains space

v1.0.30 (2018 April 10th)

- Added feature to support link “sms:”
- Improved WPML support for custom archive page ID
- Fixed instagram API
- Fixed default header from “page title” to “none”

v1.0.29 (2018 March 14th)

- Improve scroll to load paginate
- Fixed instagram bug for the video and gallery image

v1.0.28 (2018 March 6th)

- Updated outdated WooCommerce templates
- Updated revslider plugin

v1.0.27 (2018 February 12th)

- Updated outdated WooCommerce templates
- Updated pot language files

v1.0.26 (2018 February 1st)

- Added shortcode [bp_featured_media] to support featured media
- Added “xing” social icon to the social list
- Improved some code in delivery module
- Updated google font list
- Fixed deep link problem of tab, accordion and etc.
- Available pricing item to be 0 row

v1.0.25 (2017 December 19th)

- Fixed widget delete button

v1.0.24 (2017 December 13th)

- Improved customizer manager to import/export across parent theme and child theme
- Fixed filter bar in case name and slug are not the similar
- Fixed user template bug with empty section using blueprint block
- Fixed single product gallery thumbnail

v1.0.23 (2017 December 5th)

- Added shortcode [bp_cart], [bp_archive_title]
- Fixed single post customizer parallax option to be able to click when in “full width” featured image mode
- Improved customizer manager to be able to import/export between parent and child theme
- Fixed product gallery popup
- Fixed add_tab deprecated in image control of customizer (this require user to re-upload all images uploaded in customizer)
- Fixed navigation menu cart deprecated function
- Fixed instagram element in case of non lazy load
- Fixed delete widget button conflict with WP 4.9+

v1.0.22 (2017 November 27th)

- Improved filter of entries (blog, recipes, custom post type) element
- Improved search result of meta data (blueprint content included)

v1.0.21 (2017 November 17th)

- Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

v1.0.20 (2017 November 9th)

- Updated Google Font
- Added 2 more typography options to testimonial element
- Fixed feature element “left style” conflict with unknown width image issue
- Fixed masonry various width with spacing issue

v1.0.19 (2017 November 1st)

- Improved navigation element mobile classic style UX (click and scroll to menu)
- Improved reservation form scroll or display after submit form
- Fixed scroll to ID offset when navigation bar is transparent
- Fixed split slide page height when navigation bar in non transparent

v1.0.18 (2017 October 31st)

- Added instagram element
- Added shortcode bp_strikethrough, bp_superscript, bp_subscript
- Updated child theme functions.php
- Fixed instagram no spacing widget issue
- Fixed slider background animation
- Fixed blueprint setting in translated single product page
- Fixed feature element in case of short content
- Fixed compatible of translation of booking in backend

v1.0.17 (2017 October 13th)

- Updated WooCommerce outdated templates
- Fixed feature element css issue with image
- Added option “preload logo width” to customizer
- Added bp_ctf shortcode
- Improved save blueprint template feature
- Updated outdated woo commerce templates
- Fixed reservation template error in split slide after submit reservation

v1.0.15 (2017 October 6th)

- Improved feature element css
- Improved split slide case, resize case, tablet device display

v1.0.14 (2017 September 22nd)

- Improve section blueprint mode to link to blueprint block
- Improve display blog/recipe/custom post type in hidden tab when open
- Updated config file of WPML
- Updated slider revolution plugin version
- Added another comment to translate pickadate in child theme
- Fixed lazy load image in hidden elements (modal, tab, accordion and etc.)
- Fixed “none” navigation bar issue with topbar

v1.0.13 (2017 September 15th)

- Added scroll down to reservation message after submit reservation form
- Added tag {branch} to reservation email template
- Improved breadcrumb level
- Fixed deprecated function of WooCommerce woocommerce_clean
- Fixed “inline” style page title

v1.0.12 (2017 August 21st)

- make mobile menu parent menu link clickable not just toggle submenu
- updated revolution slider plugin version
- fixed anchor link error in IE

v1.0.11 (2017 August 3rd)

- added key up "esc" to close modal
- fixed bug in use saved template which have slider as a header

v1.0.10 (2017 July 28nd)

- added “both” option to image action of single product gallery
- changed “breadcrumb” to use “title” instead of slug for more translatable option
- fixed stacked with fixed navigation anchor link offset on top
- removed overridden template file single_product_review to make it compatible with Yith advanced review plugin

v1.0.9 (2017 July 22nd)

- added linkedin and stumbleupon share to post
- fixed lazy load image in full/half slide page
- fixed custom post type element taxonomy

v1.0.8 (2017 July 8th)

- fixed fatal error with background image url

v1.0.7 (2017 July 7th)

- added “search element” feature to blueprint
- added config file of WPML to child theme
- fixed booking error (validate function)

v1.0.6 (2017 June 29rd)

- updated WooCommerce template files "mini-cart", "product-image"

v1.0.5 (2017 June 23rd)

- added breadcrumb and blueprintblock shortcode
- improve css of mega menu with widget inside

v1.0.4 (2017 June 20th)

- added excerpt shortcode
- fixed skill circle style default color in blueprint

v1.0.3 (2017 June 15th)

- booking manager can edit booking setting
- fixed error in php old version when click on ‘live preview’ without activating theme

v1.0.2 (2017 June 13th)

- added “sushi” and “cafe” demos
- improved fixed navigation bar auto hide mode
- updated revolution slider version

v1.0.1 (2017 June 12th)

- added “banner” element
- fixed pricing element color issue