If you have an issue with double variations in Gastro (1.0.32) or Fabrique (1.0.16) latest version, please check your wp-content > gastro > woocommerce > single-product folder and remove "add-to-cart" folder.

Update theme via FTP replacing old theme folder with new theme folder won't remove the file we removed in the theme from our last update, you have to manually remove it.


I see only demo 'Main' on the import page, where is the rest ?

Basically, 'Main' includes all the data on the demo site except for the plugins data e.g. maps, contact forms. After import "Main" or "Main (lite version)" demo, you will get all the demo homepages display in our demo site. From that point you can set any page you want to be your static front page (homepage)

Where can I get the purchase code of LayerSlider and Slider Revolution plugins ? 

We do not provide the purchase code of the bundled plugins as it is privilege to the plugin customer. The two plugins are bundled in the theme, however you cannot update the plugins by yourself. The plugins are updated via theme update. 

In order to get the purchase code, you need to purchase the plugin. So, you can access to the premium templates and/or contents of the plugin.

How do I update the theme ?

You may update it via Envato Market plugin. If you haven't activate the plugin yet, please go to Appearance > Install Plugins. Then you can install/activate the Envato plugin there. After activating the plugin, you can go to Envato Market menu which appears on the dashboard menu. Follow the instruction on the page. You can update the theme there every time you receive the email notification of the theme update.

In case you cannot update theme via Envato Market plugin which might cause by wrong API or error from the plugin itself, please not that there is nothing we can help you with since it's third party plugin problem. You are required to update theme manually yourself through FTP or WordPress.

Please note that you might have to update Bateaux Core plugin after updating the theme. Go to Plugins menu and click update the plugin. That's it.

Caution: modification of the template files and codes will be gone if you do not use child theme to modify.

How to replace the default Portfolio with Page ?

As of v1.1.1, you can set Portfolio archive by page ID. Go to Appearance > Customize , then on the Portfolio section, there is an option Custom Portfolio Page ID. You can input the page ID here. Please note that if ID is present, the below settings will be ignored.

You can find your page ID by go to the page on backend and look for the URL. If you find something like xxx/post.php?post=12&action=edit, then your page ID is 12.

Can I display modal when clicking Portfolio item ?

Yes. But you need to manually create modal for each portfolio item. Simply go to portfolio single page and find the Advance section on Page Settings. There, you have to change Link to to Alternate URL and input the Alternate URL as #modal-your-modal-name. Please make sure that you input the correct modal name to your Modal element (in this case, it is your-modal-name).

The limitation of this approach is that you cannot make columns on Modal element. We only support single-column modal for now.

Why the "send" button on contact form has no space on the top ?

We have pre-styled Contact Form 7. However, as Contact Form 7 data is not imported with the demo, we have provided the HTML of the contact form on the docs. Please kindly follow the instruction there. Basically, it's just copy and paste. We have three choices of column as you see it on the demo.

Why video background is not working on Mobile/Tablet ?

As video could eat up the data usage, so mobile/tablet prevent autoplay of the video. We display the poster image of the video instead, so please make sure you enter the poster images. 

The solution is to place the button to play the video on modal. Please kindly follow the instruction of how to do modal video on the docs. Then make it hidden on desktop (We are about to include Hidden on desktop option to every element soon).