Due to the update of Yoast SEO plugin to version 14.9, this effect with the usage of Blueprint editor. If you cannot find blueprint editor working, please update Bateaux theme version to 1.2.4 version together with bateaux-core plugin version.


v1.2.6 (2021 February 12th)

- Fixed double page title issue
- Fixed fit height page title and other jQuery conflict with WP 5.6.0

v1.2.5 (2021 February 4th)

- Fixed jQuery conflict with WP 5.6.0

v1.2.4 (2020 October 7th)

- Fixed Yoast SEO conflict issue
- Updated slider revolution plugin
- Updated outdated WooCommerce template files

v1.2.3 (2020 March 7th)

- Fixed breadcrumb separator issue
- Updated slider revolution plugin

v1.2.2 (2020 Feb 28th)

- Update WooCommerce templates
- Update Slider Revolution and Layer slider version
- Update Google Fonts list
- Fix conflict with Gutenberg

v1.2.1 (2019 March 8th)

- Updated google fonts list
- Updated Layerslider and Revolution slider plugin

v1.2.0 (2019 January 26th)

- Make theme support Gutenberg builder
- Updated WooCommerce template files
- Updated Revolution slider file
- Fixed dynamic sidebar delete issue

v1.1.62 (2018 October 24th)

- Updated WooCommerce outdate template to compatible with WooCommerce version 3.5.0

v1.1.61 (2018 August 10th)

- Fixed problem when mobile menu location has been selected "search and cart" icon disappear in mobile menu.
- Updated Revolution Slider and Envato Market plugin version.

v1.1.60 (2018 July 10th)

- Fixed WooCommerce Product gallery error without thumbanail image uploaded.

v1.1.59 (2018 July 4th)

- Improved single product page gallery
- Added option single product gallery thumbnail image ratio

v1.1.58 (2018 May 28th)

- Fixed product description translation
- Supported WordPress comment GDPR

v1.1.57 (2018 May 24th)

- Updated WooCommerce outdated templates
- Updated Layer Slider and Revslider Plugin version

v1.1.56 (2018 April 17th)

- Fixed mobile menu in non-blueprint created page

v1.1.55 (2018 April 10th)

- Fixed instagram widget API
- Fixed featured post element category link colour

v1.1.54 (2018 April 4th)

- Added feature to select navigation menu to display on mobile
- Updated slider revolution plugin version

v1.1.53 (2018 March 26th)

- Support “sms:” url in link
- Support multilingual custom archive page
- Fixed table element width in case of no head

v1.1.52 (2018 March 14th)

- Improve scroll to load paginate
- Fixed instagram bug for the video and gallery image
- Fixed not working mobile menu font size option in customizer

v1.1.51 (2018 March 8th)

- Added site identity panel back to customizer and merge woocommerce panel into one.
- Improved table element css and fixed bug about table-layout

v1.1.50 (2018 March 6th)

- Updated outdated WooCommerce templates
- Updated revslider and layer slider plugin

v1.1.49 (2018 February 12th)

- Updated outdated WooCommerce templates
- Updated pot language files

v1.1.48 (2018 January 29th)

- Updated google font list
- Updated Layer Slider plugin
- Available pricing item to be 0 row

v1.1.47 (2018 January 16th)

- Updated Layer Slider plugin
- Fixed navigation bar mobile mis-position before page load

v1.1.46 (2017 December 18th)

- Updated Layer slider plugin
- Fixed gallery, image, button, quote, video in classic editor not working

v1.1.45 (2017 December 6th)

- Fixed conflict with Yoast SEO version 5.9.1 (blueprint disappear)

v1.1.44 (2017 December 4th)

- Fixed add_tab deprecated in image control of customizer (this require user to re-upload all images uploaded in customizer)
- Fixed navigation menu cart deprecated function
- Fixed delete widget button conflict with WP 4.9+

v1.1.43 (2017 November 29th)

- Fixed sell individually product of WooCommerce

v1.1.42 (2017 November 28th)

- Updated Layer Slider Plugin
- Improved search result of meta data (blueprint content included)

v1.1.41 (2017 November 17th)

- Added “Xing” social media
- Updated Layer Slider Plugin
- Updated Slider Revolution Plugin

v1.1.40 (2017 November 9th)

- Updated Google Font
- Fixed feature element “left style” conflict with unknown width image issue

v1.1.39 (2017 October 31st)

- Added shortcode btx_strikethrough, btx_superscript, btx_subscript
- Fixed slider background image animation
- Fixed split slide page height bugs

v1.1.38 (2017 October 19th)

- Added “rel” attribute to [btx_link] shortcode
- Updated Layer slider Plugin version
- Fixed “san-serif” font spelling in css in blueprint
- Fixed fit screen height of hero on mobile and tablet device
- Fixed blueprint setting in translated single product page
- Fixed feature element in case of short content

v1.1.37 (2017 October 13th)

- Updated outdate woo commerce templates
- Fixed feature element css issue with image

v1.1.36 (2017 October 11th)

- Added wpml-config.xml to child theme folder
- Made dynamic navigation bar menu color to compatible with split slide page
- Improved feature element css
- Improved split slide page, resize case, tablet device display, nabber scheme support
- Updated Layer Slider plugin
- Refactored most of scripts (recommend for anyone who changed original file script to checkout if made any change)

v1.1.35 (2017 September 19th)

- Updated slider revolution plugin version
- Improved breadcrumb parent taxonomy level
- Fixed tab disappear in single product page

v1.1.34 (2017 September 7th)

- Updated Layer slider plugin
- Added title attribute to btx_link shortcode
- Added option “link to” to widget portfolio
- Fixed portfolio link in search page in case link to alternate link
- Fixed bug: padding top of page which has opacity of navigation bar less than 100

v1.1.33 (2017 August 17th)

- Updated Layer slider plugin and Revolution slider plugin
- Updated default value of element navigation and accordion

v1.1.32 (2017 August 3rd)

- Added .pot file of bateaux-core plugin
- Changed breadcrumb to display name instead of slug (for the archive name)
- Fixed bug of slider header while import template

v1.1.31 (2017 July 22nd)

- Added “linkedin” and “stumbleupon” share to post settings
- Updated layer slider plugin

v1.1.30 (2017 July 5th)

- Fixed mobile classic menu anchor link
- Fixed WooCommerce archive page column issue

v1.1.29 (2017 June 29th)

- Updated WooCommerce template file

v1.1.28 (2017 June 12th)

- Support html and shortcode for excerpt of blog, portfolio, custom post type element
- Updated revolution slider and layer slider version
- Fixed pricing element color issue

v1.1.27 (2017 June 3rd)

- Fixed categories filter error with number type of taxonomy of blog, portfolio and custom post type

v1.1.26 (2017 June 3rd)

- Added bateaux.woff2 font file for performace improvement
- Fixed bateaux_core_search_page_builder error happened in some PHP version

v1.1.25 (2017 May 31st)

- Added option “random” order to gallery element
- Added option number of thumbnail columns to gallery element
- Added Linkedin and Stumbleupon share
- Updated layer slider version
- Fixed icon wrong display in some elements in blueprint.
- Fixed WooCommerce variable product thumbnail image

v1.1.24 (2017 May 3rd)

- Update Revolution Slider version
- Fixed Action Button border radius doesn’t work

v1.1.23 (2017 April 19th)

- IMPORTANT : From this version, theme will compatible with WooCommerce version 3.0.0 or above. If you do not have plan to update WooCommerce version, please do not update the theme.
- Added full screen button to Vimeo video
- Update outdated WooCommerce template files to support woocommerce version 3.0.0 or above. and some deprecated function.
- Update Layer Slider plugin version.
- Fixed box equal height with parallax background conflict after window load.
- Fixed button radius value “0” bug of button editor in blueprint.
- Fixed value “0” issue with pricing item.

v1.1.22 (2017 April 4th)

- Revert WPML blueprint content “duplicate” back to “translate”
- Update Layer Slider plugin version.

v1.1.21 (2017 March 22th)

- Improved WooCommerce variable product image compatibility
- Fixed WPML compatible issue with blueprint content
- Fixed “countdown” element label translation issue

v1.1.20 (2017 March 14th)

- make function in bateaux-template.php file pluggable
- add do_action “bateaux_after_crop_image” after crop image
- updated Rev Slider version
- improved isotope layout and animation of elements

v1.1.19 (2017 February 13th)

- Updated Layer slider version
- Improve spacing of WooCommerce mini cart in case of variation product
- Fixed is_shop() function error
- Fixed masonry style column layout bug when click on filter (blog, portfolio)
- Fixed force center mobile of image element
- Fixed twitter share in mobile
- Fixed related post element query issue
- Fixed navigation bar logo width in WooCommerce page
- Fixed fixed navigation logo in stack style navigation bar
- Fixed footer link color and link hover color options not working.

v1.1.18 (2017 January 13th)

- Allow fullscreen youtube video.
- Improve background animate of slider element.
- Fixed image size in IE browser support
- Fixed bug of intersect string in filterer
- Fixed widget highlight post doesn’t save multiple IDs

v1.1.17 (2016 December 21st)

- Fixed responsive view of scroll style gallery and featured post
- Fixed responsive view of variable height of carousel module

v1.1.16 (2016 December 12th)

- Improve youtube video background loop
- Improve my account WooCommerce page in responsive
- Improve search engine in the site to available search all keyword in blueprint content.
- Update third party plug-in
- Fixed navigation bar menu offset top on fixed navigation
- Fixed preview button bug in blueprint
- Fixed button radius of button editor
- Fixed error in google search console

v.1.1.15 (2016 November 15th)

- Added option to play background video sound
- Improved “hero” and “slider” responsive display
- Fixed conflict page settings on product category page
- Updated Layer Slider plugin

v.1.1.14 (2016 October 30th)

- Improved Anchor link
- Added options “fit height offset” to box/slider/featured post element and section/page hero
- Fixed Pinterest Share
- Updated layer slider and revolution slider plugin version

v1.1.13 (2016 Ocotober 13th)

- Improved Anchor link
- Added option “name” to be able to activate “interactive” element by click (http://www.bateauxtheme.com/docs/advance/index.html#interactive-click-trigger)
- Added option to disable hover in “interactive” element
- Added options to hide “section” in multiple devices
- Added option “autoplay on hover” to “slider” element
- Added option “image size” to widgets highlighted post and etc.
- Added category filter to “featured post” element
- Fixed video autoplay in “modal” element to pause when close
- Fixed saved template invalid output issue

v1.1.12 (2016 September 28th)

- Added new element “WordPress Content” (blueprint)
- Added blueprint to compatible with single product (blueprint)
- Changed prefix of icon from “fa” to “twf”

v1.1.11 (2016 September 21st)

- Added option to adjust height in percentage relative to screen height (box, slider, hero, featured post on header and section) (blueprint)
- Improved single product gallery to adaptive height gallery (front-end)
- Reverted html editor back to original one (textarea editor) (blueprint)
- Fixed slider css conflict with JQuery UI in blueprint of single custom post type (blueprint)
- Fixed single product css in mobile/tablet device (front-end)
- Fixed “full width” option of single product (customizer)

v1.1.10.1 (2016 September 18th)

- Added option full width to sidebar editor (blueprint)
- Improved html editor and how to display (blueprint)
- Improved display of entry in archive page (front-end)
- Fixed color problem in meta data in single post page (front-end)
- Removed default page title message when input field is empty (customizer)

v1.1.10 (2016 September 17th)

- Added options to enable full-width in index, portfolio archive, shop, product page (customizer)
- Added options to toggle full-width of page title (customizer and blueprint)
- Added gallery short code image size option (shortcode)
- Added Instagram widget full width option and more columns (widget)
- Added option to query most recent post in featured post element (blueprint)
- Added options to edit font family of pricing element (blueprint)
- Supported Anchor menu for one page slide both dull page and split slide page (front-end)
- Supported 2 schemes logo in case not fixed navigation bar (front-end)
- Fixed custom index / portfolio archive page content (front-end)

v1.1.9.1 (2016 September 10th)

- Fixed tablet view of split slide
- Fixed one page navigation menu problem
- Fixed navigation and footer on custom index and portfolio archive page
- Fixed “skype” url in social item
- Set mobile navbar default value in case there is unexisting value

v1.1.9 (2016 September 6th)

- Added option to adjust width of detail area in single product (customizer)
- Added options to Dropdown menu to be able to edit more typography
- Added option to sort post by menu_order
- Added options to set typography of mobile menu
- Added new “classic” style of mobile menu
- Added page category
- Support blog/portfolio/product/custom post filter to sort by category order
- Support subcategory in filtering post for element blog/portfolio/product
- Fixed CSS problem. Split main.min.css file to 2 files to support full function CSS in IE9 (must activate by child theme)
- Fixed tag error on navigation (polylang plugin show flag issue on menu)

v1.1.8.5 (2016 August 30th)

- Added “Tel, Skype” to enable to add link in inline text editor
- Fixed “html” element issue doesn’t save
- Fixed blog, gallery, portfolio, product element wrong display in modal
- Updated template files (wide-blog, wide-shop, about-modern, contact-modern, product, case-study category portfolio)

v1.1.8 (2016 August 29th)

- Added wpml-config.xml file
- Added options (variable width, center mode and etc.) to “carousel” of portfolio, client, gallery, custom post item.
- Added option in customizer to enable navigation bar action button on mobile
- Added options in customizer to edit page title label in pages not created by blueprint
- Changed from “div” tag to “blockquote” of element quote for better SEO
- Updated Layer Slider Plugin
- Fixed wrong style-sheet URL with SSL
- Fixed image width in IE
- Fixed bug in pricing element (decimal display)
- Fixed bug in Blueprint of selecting “color scheme” in some elements.

v1.1.7 (2016 August 14th) 

- Added Blog creative style (mouseover content)
- Added option image “Popup” to media editor in blueprint to allow popup when click on image
- Added option “fit screen height” to box element
- Added option to use custom blog index page
- Added option to hide element on tablet landscape screen
- Added Featured post options (carousel options)
- Added custom post type element to blueprint
- Added active state to filter bar of blog, portfolio, product element
- Added new 4 pre-defined templates (side gallery right full, side gallery left full, 50/50 meta, stacking zig-zag)
- Added new content animations (still overlay, still gradient) to mouseover content portfolio
- Improved tab element styling on mobile
- Fixed page hero fit screen height display on Firefox, IE
- Fixed modal animation not shown on split, full slide page

v1.1.6 (2016 August 5th)

- Fixed mobile menu logo display
- Fixed transparent background menu in fixed navigation bar

v1.1.5 (2016 August 5th)

- Added pagination to gallery item
- Added option to change navigation bar style on blueprint (page/post/portfolio can have a unique menu style)
- Fixed pagination of elements on single post
- Fixed entry of archive page (option from customizer didn’t work with)

v1.1.4 (2016 August 1st)

- Added auto focus on search after click on menu
- Added category and tag to be displayed in portfolio index
- Added shortcode “btx_link”
- Added option to sort filter of items
- Added option back to top button in blueprint (page, portfolio, post)
- Added options adaptive height to any items with carousel
- Added desktop hidden option to hide element in display width over 960px
- Added mobile force center option in general tab of items in blueprint to force center align in mobile
- Improved back to top button
- Improved video background
- Improved responsive display
- Fixed side navigation bar minimal style in tablet landscape
- Fixed display of social icon on top bar
- Fixed display vertical align middle of portfolio

v1.1.3 (2016 July 29th)

- Added 2 niche demos (photographer, architect)
- Added option to change arrow icon of slider in customizer
- Added feature “back to top” button (edit in customizer)
- Added commented code to enable SVG file uploading in media library in child theme
- Added option enable topbar in mobile
- Fixed slider fit screen height in Firefox
- Fixed fixed box in tablet landscape

v1.1.2 (2016 July 27th)

- Added option video ratio to video background and video element
- Fixed update quantities WooCommerce
- Fixed image max-width option
- Fixed mobile menu background
- Fixed one-page menu in mobile
- Fixed split slide sequence in mobile device
- Improved Importer stabilities
- Updated title font size maximum value in blog/portfolio/product element
- Updated WooCommerce single product image template

v1.1.1 (2016 July 18th)

- Fixed inline text edit not update on some manners
- Fixed Yoast support on classic editor
- Fixed video background display on 1080p
- Fixed video thumbnail not shown on blog element and archive
- Fixed comment border
- Fixed preload ripple animation
- Added translation to search placeholder (on fullscreen)
- Added option to set portfolio archive by page id

v1.1.0 (2016 July 13th)

- Integrate Blueprint with single post
- Support icon picker in menu create page in backend
- Added field external link in Single Portfolio
- Fixed “save draft”
- Fixed video background ratio
- Added “Comment” element in page builder
- Fixed blueprint error in Internet Explorer
- Fixed background image disappear in side navigation bar
- Fixed options uppercase and letter spacing in customizer (0 value didn’t work)

v1.0.4 (2016 July 11th)

- Fixed custom CSS in child theme
- Added Fullwidth option in Footer
- Added background options for mobile or full screen navigation
- Added option to enable parallax background in mobile or tablet device
- Added option fixed background in background editor
- Added option Navbar Background Attachment Fixed
- Added Excerpt characters limit option to Blog and Portfolio
- Added Accordion Option “close by default”
- Added options to set font in “Milestone” and “Countdown” item
- Added HTML widget
- Support HTML in bottom bar text
- Fixed menu hover intent
- Fixed video background ratio issue

v1.0.3 (2016 July 6th)

- Added Bateaux Child Theme
- Added Bundle Plugin Import File (Slider Revolution, Woo product)
- Support video background in box element
- Support video background in interactive element
- Support link open in target self
- Support self-hosted video background in any ratio

v1.0.2 (2016 July 1st)

- Support css of animation item in old device browser
- Fixed equal height display issue in tablet landscape size

v1.0.1 (2016 July 1st)

- Fixed Yoast SEO bug in blueprint
- Added light / dark scheme logo options to upload
- Support modal Embed URL of soundcloud and mixcloud
- Organise navigation bar template files
- Improved WPML support CSS
- Improved Slider element background animation
- Updated Slider Revolutions Plugin
- Updated Layer Slider Plugin
- Added 5 new more homepage variations
- Fixed navigation bar display issue in tablet landscape size